Month: May 2015

Larry B. Gildersleeve

The company’s founder has over 35 years of experience and is involved in every engagement. His corporate positions with both public and private companies ranged from vice president to CEO, and his CV is available upon request.

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Gildersleeve is a successfully published author. Information at

Jeff Sites

Jeff Sites co-founded and led Trendwest Resorts, Inc. from a thinly capitalized 1989 Seattle startup through an IPO to the sale of the company in 2004 for over $900 million.  They achieved 20% annual growth for 12 consecutive years, reaching $700 million in annual revenue.  At the time of the sale, Trendwest was the third largest timeshare company in the world and is now part of Wyndham Worldwide. Sites executive leadership positions at Trendwest grew from CFO to COO to President and ultimately CEO. Prior to Trendwest, he held VP, EVP and CFO positions at companies in the resort real estate industries. He left Trendwest following the acquisition by Wyndham, and became a venture capitalist and angel investor to companies in the Seattle. Prior to joining Gildersleeve Partners, Sites provided consulting services to a variety of individuals and companies in the Pacific Northwest.