CardConnect Partners with Gildersleeve Partners to Bring Its Payments Technology to Resort Timeshare Market

CardConnect, one of the nation’s fastest-growing providers of payment processing services, today announced it has selected Gildersleeve Partners to lead its market entry into the resort timeshare industry.

CardConnect’s selection of Gildersleeve follows a year of research, during which it concluded that the timeshare industry is under-served by financial providers. Because the industry is often broadly – and erroneously – categorized as “high risk,” it often pays higher rates to process credit card transactions, CardConnect said. CardConnect will lower the daily cost of doing business and will also bring state-of-the-industry technology and data security safeguards to its timeshare industry clients – just as it does for more than 50,000 merchants across the U.S., ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small retail shops.

“In Gildersleeve, we’ve found a company we believe can accelerate our timeshare market entry by months, perhaps years,” said Angelo Grecco, Senior Vice President of Sales at CardConnect. “We did our homework, and we are as confident in this decision as we are in our belief that our products and services will bring positive change to the timeshare industry worldwide.”

“We are pleased that CardConnect selected Gildersleeve Partners to lead both its domestic and international timeshare business development activities, and we look forward to sharing our industry expertise and counsel as they expand into this market,” said Larry Gildersleeve, Principal at Gildersleeve Partners.